Child Behavioral Health Services FAQ

What are Child Behavioral Health Services? Child mental and behavioral health can be defined as the complete well-being and optimal development of a child in the emotional, behavioral, social, and cognitive demains. (Barwick & Urajnik, 2013). Child mental and behavioral health services target the emotional and behavioral wellbeing of children to thrive and live to … Read More

Makerspace Special Education Initiative

What is Makerspace? A makerspace is a collaborative work space inside a school, library or separate public/private facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools. (1) Makerspaces in education transform teaching and are an innovative approach for fostering creative project learning – which allows students to explore interests, … Read More

Developing Life Skills through Charitable Activities

Every year, students with special needs at the Watson Institute’s Education Center Sewickley participate in classroom projects to develop their vocational and life skills. A few times a year, these projects are created to also support charitable activities to teach the importance of supporting the local community and citizenship. Students in Gabrielle Sikora’s classroom follow … Read More

Autism Peer Mentoring Program at Watson

At the Watson Institute, our special education teachers and staff work to adapt educational programming to best serve our students’ individualized needs. In the WISCA program, students with high functioning autism spectrum disorder receive therapeutic supports  to help them work through assignments and learn social and behavior skills. Throughout the last school year, Jennifer Do, … Read More

IEP Goals Integrated into Holiday Activities


Holiday cheer is on display at the Education Center Sewickley, a Watson Institute special education school! Throughout the month, children with special needs in Watson’s schools have participated in various holiday-themed activities and projects which also help them work towards educational, social, and mobility goals as outlined in their IEPs (Individualized Education Plan). At the … Read More

Developing Emotional & Social Skills Through Charitable Activities


At the Watson Institute’s special education schools, staff work with our students to ensure they are meeting their educational goals as outlined in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Staff also highlight the importance of helping students with special needs develop and expand their emotional and social skills through service learning. Over the past few months, … Read More

Special Education School Book Fair


The Watson Institute Education Centers in Sewickley and Bridgeville are hosting in person and online Book Fairs this week, running through Friday, October 20, 2017. Shop now on the online storefront for either location! The online book store will stay open until Friday! Education Center Sewickley:  Education Center South: The Book Fairs will also be … Read More

Special Education Technology Gives Student a Voice

When Isaiah Erb-White started at one of the Watson Institute’s special education schools in 2013, his ability to speak or move independently was extremely limited due to his multiple disabilities and Isaiah also did not posses special education technology that could help him achieve these goals. Isaiah’s multiple disabilities greatly impacted his ability to communicate. … Read More