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A comprehensive, research based resource for families and educators of individuals with disabilities.

Setting Up a Structured Classroom

Data Sheets

Data sheets are helpful in the special education classroom setting.

Daily Classroom Plans

Creating a classroom that can flow easily for staff and students requires a carefully scheduled day.  Watson provides a variety of templates for scheduling students and staff throughout the day.

Classroom Planning Checklist

This form provides a beginning roadmap to the teacher.  Resources for each of the checkpoints on the list are provided throughout this site.

IEP at a Glance

Developing a one page IEP is a good starting point to aide in creating the physical environment.  This summary provides information on student needs, reinforcers, and motivators that can aid in room and material design as well as promote incorporation of IEP goals into the teaching process throughout the day.

Independent Work Stations Powerpoint

Many classrooms for students on the Autism Spectrum incorporate the use of independent work stations.  This concept was developed from the TEACCH model.  More specific information can be found at

Centers Powerpoint

Creating a classroom that is center based - with a variety of centers for students to access - can provide an organized and flowing learning environment that promotes continual student engagement.  Pictures and descriptions of possible centers found in classrooms can be seen in the Centers Powerpoint.

Schedule Powerpoint

Once the environment has been designed, teachers need to create schedules for students and for the adults running the classroom.  The student with Autism Spectrum Disorder can better navigate his/her environment when a schedule is available to access.

Center Materials

This document is a list of items that can be placed into reading, math, science , sensory and writing centers.

Classroom Layout

When planning a classroom, a visual of the environment can be helpful.  Drawing the layout can assist in set-up design.  Click here to print the photo above.

Additional layouts can be found here:

Material Chart

The Material Chart can provide teachers with a general list of materials to purchase when planning a classroom.

Quality Guidelines Checklist

As teachers begin their new classroom, they can continually assess the components and practices with the Yearly Outcome Form.