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Center for Autism - Regional Resources

There are a variety of services available for children with autism in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. The following information represents the collaboration of area service providers—led by Watson—to provide a comprehensive listing of the services available to your child.

If your child is not yet enrolled in an educational program, start your search by selecting the appropriate educational program based on your child’s age. Although there is no known “cure” for autism at this time, children with autism can do much better in all areas of their lives if they receive high-quality educational services as early as possible. Children should be enrolled in an educational program as soon after diagnosis as possible.

In Pennsylvania, the Department of Public Welfare provides services for children under three years of age. After children reach three years old, funding for services becomes the responsibility of the child’s school district. Your child’s diagnosis of autism automatically qualifies him or her for one of the early intervention or educational programs listed below.

When children need more services than are provided through educational programs in your area, other services called mental health or wraparound services may be suggested. These services are provided by medical access.

In addition to services for children and adolescents with autism, there are several support groups offered throughout the area for parents of children with autism.

A number of local organizations also provide recreational resources for children with autism and other developmental delays that focus on teaching skills using play activities and socialization.

A number of additional resources are also included, with links to various websites that provide information developmental disabilities and other related topics.

Early Educational Programs for Children under 3

Services for School Age Children (ages 3-6)

Mental Health and Wraparound Services

Parent Support Groups

Recreational Resources

Additional Resources