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Parent Tips

Parents are a child's first teacher.  We have heard this statement dozens of times.  Sometimes this role comes very naturally to the parent and the child.  Parents of infants and toddlers soon find that every interaction... every activity.. every daily routine is an opportunity to teach their child a new skill, a new word or a new type of interaction.  Children seem to learn something new every day.

But what happens when the child is not responding to the parents in these learning situations?  Some children seem to withdraw from interactions with their families, or take a much longer time to learn new skills.  Teaching and interacting with children with developmental delays such as autism, developmental delays or speech delays can be more difficult for parents.

The following Parent Tips are designed to teach parents effective methods of interacting and teaching new skills to young children with different learning styles.  Teaching children to follow directions, respond to reinforcement, communicate with others and engage in social play are areas addressed in these tips.