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Summer Camp Programs

summer camp

The Watson Institute offers programs for children and teens:  WISP, STAT, ACCLAIM and SCALE.

WISP is offered in many locations throughout the Pittsburgh area, providing children with autism spectrum disorders an opportunity to enjoy a summer camp setting with their typically-developing peers.

STAT is offered at The Watson Institute's Sewickley, Sharpsburg, and Upper St. Clair sites for teens with Asperger's or High-Functioning Autism.  Two sessions are offered throughout the summer.

ACCLAIM piloted during the summer of 2008 at the University of Pittsburgh for college bound teens with Asperger's disorder and high-functioning autistic disorder.  The program focuses on the development of skills necessary to succeed at college and includes therapeutic, learning and social components.  Appropriate candidates have the academic abilities necessary for success in college but have significant limitations in their social and organiztional skills.

SCALE is specifically designed for adolescents on the autism spectrum and in life skills classes who also have significant deficits in communication skills and adaptive functioning.  While Watson's STAT program serves teenagers on the autism spectrum who can benefit from verbally-based, cognitive-behavioral interventions, the SCALE program is more of a "hands on" approach to developing social skills and promoting successful vocational opportunities.