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Why Watson for Wraparound Services?

  • Watson's wrap services are specifically designed and tailored to children with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis
  • All staff are trained on specific techniques and interventions effective with the youngest of newly diagnosed children (starting at 15 months).
  • Watson staff are trained in Pivotal Response Training (PRT), a child friendly approach still empirically driven and consistent with ABA principles.
  • Watson offers full time Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC), Mobile Therapy (MT) and Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) positions that include generous benefits and incentives, which helps to retain an experienced staff.
  • Watson has provided wraparound services throughout Allegheny County for more than a decade.

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Wraparound Services

What are Wrap Services?

Wraparound (Wrap) services are mental health services provided to children with significant behavioral or mental health needs that help them to live and thrive in their communities.  Formally known as Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS), wraparound services are offered when a Psychiatric or Psychological Evaluation of the child determines they are medically necessary. Either Primary Insurance or The Medical Assistance Program pays for these services for children under the age of 21. The goal of wraparound services is to meet the needs of a youth and his/her family so that they may avoid more restrictive services in the future.

Where are Wrap Services Provided?

Wraparound services are provided in families’ homes, daycare programs, and in other community-based settings. The child’s team, comprised of family members and professionals, develops a plan of supports and interventions that focus on the child’s strengths to help the child learn the best ways to communicate and behave in any setting: home, school, and community. Trained professionals work one on one with children to teach them and their family members the skills they need to function in the “real world”. The skills learned tend to carry over beyond therapy sessions, in the families’ homes, daycare programs, and in other community-based settings.

How Will Wrap Services Help My Child?

The wraparound services offered by The Watson Institute are specifically for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We emphasize the development of social skills and social communication. We know that for a child with autism spectrum disorders to make gains in these areas, concentrated instruction and reinforcement is needed. Our therapeutic interventions focus on developing skills in small steps. Individualized treatment plans are developed for each child with the family’s full participation. Treatment plan goals incorporate the child’s strengths to promote development in all areas.

How can I Access Wrap Services?

Once a Psychiatric or Psychological Evaluation recommends wrap services, the family has 60 calendar days from the date of the evaluation to initiate services before the evaluation “expires”.  We  conduct re-evaluations if your child’s evaluation has expired.  Watson is also currently accepting wraparound referrals for new wrap clients.  Families are strongly encouraged to contact us immediately if interested in setting up a re-evaluation appointment or  to inquire about wrap service availability.

Click here to access our intake form to begin the Wraparound evaluation process.  For general information on Watson's Wraparound services contact Carolyn Belich at 412-749-2895 or